Most people have a feeling of "being overwhelmed" by all the time, work, responsibility and expense their current home holds when it's time to downsize.  The expense to maintain the yard-grass cutting, mulching, raking, trimming trees, cleaning and repairing gutters, keeping the driveway sealed, snow removal and proper roof maintenance are major factors that overwhelm the average homeowner when they feel the need to downsize.

Another major factor you'll feel the impact of is maintenance costs on the inside, furnace-A/C issues, plumbing leaks and blockages, yearly fireplace cleaning and repairs, potential water seepage, well and septic issues/maintenance, appliance repairs/replacement  and keeping the house properly cleaned will give you a feeling of being "overcome" by what you have to keep up with when it's time to downsize.

Lose of an income or job within the household can be a big contributing factor for downsizing.  Sometimes you don't have a choice when your finances are suddenly cut off.

When retirement is on the horizon you'll want to downsize.  Downsizing will stretch out your saving, decrease yearly expenses like property taxes, homeowners insurance, household maintenance costs, lower utility bills and mortgage payments.

If you can no longer easily find stuff in your house-Downsizing and decluttering can be very liberating.  It forces you to pare down your possessions and prioritize what is really important to you.  Unused rooms that you haven't entered in a year except to dust is another reason to downsize.

Take time to evaluate how you're going to benefit if you downsize.  Not only financially are you going to save, but your time-freeing up your time should be huge factor to weigh in on when making the decision to downsize.  With a more manageable home you'll be able to travel more, visit friends and family, watch your grandkids grow up, take up a hobby or just do something you've always wanted to do.  You won't miss all the work you've left behind after you've made the transition.

Let me know how I can assist you with downsizing.  Maybe you'd like more information or a tour of our "Easy Living" Real Estate Market, please reach out to me, I'm here to help.